Canadian Standards Association Standard Z246.1 (Security Management for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Systems)

Z246.1 was created to “recognize the importance of a safe, secure and reliable energy supply and that any prolonged interruption in the supply of energy, such as petroleum or natural gas, would harm the economy.  This Standard is based on the premise that security risks should be managed using risk-based and performance-based management processes.  This Standard provides a means of identifying, analyzing , and reducing risks through a security risk management process (and also) identifies specific risk reduction measures to be implemented.  This Standard does not apply to offshore petroleum and natural gas platforms.  The requirements of this Standard are applicable to all operators, regardless of the size or number of their assets.”

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National Energy Board (NEB)

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On May 3, 2010 the NEB announced in Proposed Regulatory Change (PRC) 2010 – 01 the adoption of CSA Z246.1, effective April 1, 2011.  The proposed amendment states:

Section (xx).  Companies shall develop, document, implement and maintain a security program that is in accordance with CSA Z246.1, Security Management for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Systems, as amended from time to time.”

On March 21, 2013 the NEB Onshore Pipeline Regulations were amended to read, as per:

Section 4(1) When a company designs, constructs, operates or abandons a pipeline, or contracts for the provision of those services, the company shall ensure that the pipeline is designed, constructed, operated or abandoned in accordance with the applicable provisions of (a) these Regulations; (b) CSA Z276, if the pipeline transports liquefied natural gas; (c) CSA Z341 for underground storage of hydrocarbons; (d) CSA Z662, if the pipeline transports liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, and (e) CSA Z246.1 for all pipelines.”

As per Section 47.1 in the amended Onshore Pipeline Regulations:

A company shall develop, implement and maintain a security management program that anticipates, prevents, manages and mitigates conditions that could adversely affect people, property or the environment.”

BC Oil & Gas Commission

On September 24, 2009 the Commission issued Information Letter #OGC 09-27 giving notice of intentions “to adopt CSA Z246.1 through reference in regulation making the content mandatory for all permit holders under the Commission’s authority“.