Yves Duguay, President of HCiWorld, has developed a unique experience in security (both private and public) including executive management, transportation and supply chains as well as procurement and training. Mr. Duguay successively occupied senior positions at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Air Canada and more recently at the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) as Senior Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience. Yves Duguay maintains strong international and domestic partnerships having worked in close collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports Council International (ACI).

Assessment and evaluation of your state of security:

• Threat and risk assessment (TRA)
• Review of the TRA against your governance and security system (e.g. policies, procedures, controls and training)

Development of a strategy and identification of solutions:

• Identification of security gaps, development of a corresponding action plan
• Solutions for your security needs

Management of security solutions and projects:

• Implementation of the action plan
• Performance’s measurement and results’ assessment
• Development and delivery of initial and recurrent security training
• Design of a SeMS (security management system)

Security checkpoint design:

• Development of an outcome based and customer-focused solutions for both people and cargo screening

Contact: [email protected] 1 (514) 929-5533

Crisis Leadership Ltd

President Bill Isaacs has 40 years of experience in the natural gas industry and has held positions of increasing responsibility including engineering, gas transmission and distribution field operations and operations training and administration.

Crisis Leadership Ltd specializes in the implementation and measurement of emergency response programs, which includes coordinating the development and ongoing updating of processes and procedures governing a company’s response to field incidents, minimizing the impacts of security processes, crisis leadership training, workplace violence security response plans and raising awareness and education of emergency response and system security procedures. Mr. Isaacs is an original member of the Technical Committee responsible for the development of CSA Standard Z246.1 Security Management for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry and on the Development Committee for CSA Standard Z246.2 Emergency Management for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

In partnership with Crisis Leadership Ltd the following consulting services are available to energy based and municipal organizations:

• Emergency response planning
• Crisis leadership training
• Incident management
• Incident review

Contact: [email protected] 1 (519) 359-4877