• Security Assessments pertaining to Asset Characterization, Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk
  • A comprehensive Gap Analysis between a current security program / plan and CSA Z246.1 requirements
  • Comprehensive security audits in accordance with the National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations
  • Security training
  • CSA Z246.1 training
  • Security management work as required under CSA Z246.1
  • Presentations


  • Security management programs / systems
  • Procedures with respect to security incidents, such as bomb threats, suspicious mail, thefts, information protection, etc.
  • Security countermeasures
  • Security training modules

Although a company / operator may be required under regulation to be compliant with CSA Z246.1, there may be no need for the company to have a full time in-house security position.  TOCRA can perform security management activities to ensure compliance with CSA Z246.1.